Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brunette the new Blonde?

I have the tendency to do some things that cause embarrasing moments. Moments that make me wish the earth would swallow me whole so that I would never have to face the people around me again. I realise that I am not the only person in the world that this happens to but in that moment I feel like i have grown 10 feet and all eyes are on me!

I work in Downtown which means that I have to take public transit. The bus I normally take is one of those long and extremely bumpy ones. Yesterday on my way home the ride was even bumpier because the bus driver was in a hurry. To go where? To do what? I have no idea. But this made the bus even bumpier, and you could see people cringe everytime we hit a pothole or a speed bump.

This little detail apparently had no effect on my thought process I did not even consider it. As my stop got closer I decided to be a keener and get up earlier and wait by the door. As I got up I thought nothing of the bump ahead, a bump that we go over every day. I got up and made my merry way down the aisle and my hands were full of my purse, my lunch bag and my jacket so I could not hold on to any seat or pole on the way. All of a sudden I felt a lurch and I felt myself falling so I tried to regain my balance not by holding on to something (that is what normal people do not me) but by twirling, I always knew those ballet classes would come in handy, and then I FELL!!! But because this is me I did not fall on the floor, no no no no I fell onto someones lap some poor man's lap. I could not even look up at him I was so embarrased, I quickly said I was sorry adjusted my purse, grabbed a hold of a pole and practically burst through the doors when the bus stopped.

And that my friends is why I sometimes wonder how I was not born a blonde.

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