Saturday, August 7, 2010

There is no room for Discrimination!

To be young again
Without a care in the world
The future seems so far away
Dreams are always larger than life
An hopes have no room for despair
The rain always has a rainbow
The sun is always brighter

To be young again
Without a care in the world
Where details don't matter
Where boys can play with dolls
Where girls can play with cars
Discrimination is not part of the vocabulary

To be young again
Without a care in the world
Where a friend is a friend because they want to play
Doesn't matter what Their race
Their religion
Or who they like

To be young again
Without a care in the world
To whom adults should look at
Should mirror
Should become again
Where discrimination should never be part of the vocabulary

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A confession

I have to make a confession. I have a little bit of a sweet tooth, okay not a little one but a massive one. One so massive that I base my decision on restaurants on what place has the best desserts(yes it is that bad).

My "drug" of choice lately has been Maltesers*, I dream of Maltesers all day I visulaize what they look like and what they taste like when they melt in your mouth. Mmmmmm they are so good.

It has gotten so bad that I can eat a massive bag in two days flat, and that is when I restrain myself. What makes it worse is that the husband does not discourage it, if anything he buys me more bags, his reasoning is that when there are no Maltesers in the house I have withdrawal and that I turn into a very mean person, that is funny to me.

I do feel guilty about this addiction, every bite I take I think about all the calories I am consuming and about how many cavities I am getting. It is not fun this guilt, but I cannot seem to stop myself, yes they are that good. I am just hoping that it is a phase that I am going through and that I will outgrow it soon.

So while I sit around waiting for this phase to end I am going to enjoy every melt-in-your-mouth-goodness,life is too short to worry myself. And now I am going to open that bag that has been staring at me for the past few minutes, darn thing.

*This is not a promotional piece of writing, it is just out of love for my Maltesers.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brunette the new Blonde?

I have the tendency to do some things that cause embarrasing moments. Moments that make me wish the earth would swallow me whole so that I would never have to face the people around me again. I realise that I am not the only person in the world that this happens to but in that moment I feel like i have grown 10 feet and all eyes are on me!

I work in Downtown which means that I have to take public transit. The bus I normally take is one of those long and extremely bumpy ones. Yesterday on my way home the ride was even bumpier because the bus driver was in a hurry. To go where? To do what? I have no idea. But this made the bus even bumpier, and you could see people cringe everytime we hit a pothole or a speed bump.

This little detail apparently had no effect on my thought process I did not even consider it. As my stop got closer I decided to be a keener and get up earlier and wait by the door. As I got up I thought nothing of the bump ahead, a bump that we go over every day. I got up and made my merry way down the aisle and my hands were full of my purse, my lunch bag and my jacket so I could not hold on to any seat or pole on the way. All of a sudden I felt a lurch and I felt myself falling so I tried to regain my balance not by holding on to something (that is what normal people do not me) but by twirling, I always knew those ballet classes would come in handy, and then I FELL!!! But because this is me I did not fall on the floor, no no no no I fell onto someones lap some poor man's lap. I could not even look up at him I was so embarrased, I quickly said I was sorry adjusted my purse, grabbed a hold of a pole and practically burst through the doors when the bus stopped.

And that my friends is why I sometimes wonder how I was not born a blonde.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little about me


Okay so this is where I formally introduce myself, how rude right? I have contemplated between keeping this blog anonymous or actually putting myself out there, and for the time being I have decided to keep it anonymous. I want to be able to put my feelings and thoughts out there without the worry of someone I know finding it and using it against me. The only person that knows about this blog is my husband, and to be honest I don't know how he feels about it. I don't want to ask either.

I used to be a writer and I worked in the newspaper business, but I quickly realised that it was not for me, that if I have to write I like it unstructured and free. So now I work in the advertising business buying and planning. This is definitely not where I envisioned myself when I stood on the graduation podium, but it is a good place to start and I am learning lots.

I want this blog to be a commentary about my life, a place where I can express myself. Sometimes it is easier for me to understand who I am and what I want when I write about it.

Thank you for joining me in this eye-opening experience.

I will be seeing you soon,
-My thoughts My World.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Dreamed a Little Dream

I saw him last night he was beautiful. He had light hair and hazel eyes. He called me mommy and could not let him go. Did I do the right thing? Was there another choice? Would I have been able to cope if I did keep him? I know that little boy I dreamt of was mine. I still remember what it felt like to hold him in my arms and smell his sweet baby smell, I told him that he would always be my baby, he always will be.

I lost him in the dream and I could feel the fear and the pain, I was frantic I could not bear to lose him. In the real world I consciously let him go, I made the choice to not have him. Do I regret it? Maybe. Some days I know it was the right decision for that time and yet I subconsciously crave to have him in my arms.

I know I will have a child/children one day. But today as I sit here typing this I know that I miss him, that I want him, I flutter from right and wrong. I will live with the decision that I made whether it was right or wrong. I the meantime I will keep dreaming these little dreams.